The application is something that can help the performance or the working of a device in an operating sytem, Android and Apple iPhone are now competing to expand the application to be presented to their customers to increase sales.

Google is recruiting developers to work in-house on mobile apps for its Android operating system, a report says, as the tech giant continues its challenge to Apple's iOS and the popular devices that run on it. The mobile battle has been heating up for Google and cross-Valley rival Apple. Google's Android Market currently features less than 130,000 apps, but its stable of offerings reportedly grew more than 500 percent last year, compared with Apple's App Store, which saw offerings rise by about 110 percent.

One application that helps, both in the android and the Apple OS is Shooting for photographic purposes on Smart-phones offer hobby photographers options that never existed before. The key is the availability of the mobile programmes called apps. SHOOTING: To take a picture, either use the phone's pre-installed camera, or make use of one of the variety of camera apps out there. 

Those include programmes like Burst Mode or Shutter Burst (1.59 euros each). Then there are apps that can take pictures on a timer, like a 'real' camera (for example, Self Timer, which ranges from a free version to one for 1.59 euros). Facebook allows smartphone photos to be uploaded directly with its app. Photo site Flickr also has its own app. Programmes like Color Splash (0.79 euros for the iPhone) or ColorUp (0.76 euros for Android) let users turn certain objects in a picture coloured while leaving everything else in black and white. 

Other apps focus on panorama pictures, stop-motion animation or time-lapse videos. On platforms like Flickr, people can search exclusively for mobile pictures. Jarvis displays his iPhone pictures at, while photographer Matt Bango has his iPhone as Art display at Wolf has shot several thousand pictures with his iPhone in recent years. 
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