4G technologies will become a new trend after a lot of gadgets out to pamper the consumer, one of the operating systems that already support for this 4G network is the operating system which belongs to google Android operating system is the latest version of Android 3.0

Role smartphone or tablet is very important and Korean electronics manufacturer LG will release today its new weapons to meet the needs of consumers will be an intelligent device, LG G-slate will use the operating system, aka Honeycomb 3.0 android capable of walking on 4G technology.

The G-Slate has been optimised to operate on T-Mobile’s 4G network in the United States. “Bringing consumers the latest in revolutionary HD tablet technology and an Android platform perfectly optimized for tablet use, G-Slate provides a unique multimedia experience.”

Meanwhile, Australian retailers will have to wait until mid February before more details are released about the new tablet.
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