Latest Android version 3.0 will soon be launched by Google in February of this, it shows a new dominance in the realm of the smartphone operating systems and tablets, little by little will increase better performance than previous versions.

Google has announced the Android 3.0 SDK download. Google enables developers to run and grab a copy of the new version of Android so that they can begin testing the application is ready for its official launch next month.

The Xoom Motorola will become the first tablet to run Android 3.0 Honeycomb when it launched in February this U.S. market.

With the availability of SDK, which has allowed us to get a sneak peak for what is expected in the new tablet thanks to the works Ars Technica.

Display home on 3.0 widgets that can use the scroll. This allows for more content to be in the yard such as email, weather reports, appointments etc..
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