Android phone Tips

Android Phone Tips
The people at Google have created yet another brilliant app. Androidify is a simple avatar creator that lets you to make your own customized Android. Choose from millions of style combinations and save the little Androids as contact photos, upload to Facebook, or share with friends and family.

lex a leading three-screen media center (PC, TV and mobile) provider, today announced the availability of Plex for Android mobile devices. Plex's Android application allows users to consume all of their Plex media server content on their Android device, providing many of the features already available via Plex's popular iOS application.

Plex's downloadable media center lets users view and organize all their personal and local media – movies, TV shows, videos, music, pictures and more. Using Plex's open framework, third-party developers and content owners have the ability to develop Plex Channels, which can be available to Plex users across all devices. The Android application is available for $4.99. 

Muzzle Phone lets you create personalized notification profiles to prevent unwanted interruptions. Select when and who may contact you and set the parameters of a Muzzle Phone Law. For example, if you did not want your phone to ring while at work, but you wanted the ringer to turn on after work, just create a law with the times and days and Muzzle phone will prevent those annoying disturbances.
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