The operating system is essential to an intelligent device, not only to factor easy to use, but also the experience factor in using. Android operating system will understand this. An operating system that created so many open source developers to participate in or make an application for the convenience of users.

To take full advantage of the Android mobile applications from scratch to relieve the developers to create a common ground to facilitate mobile applications. Android does not show favoritism between the basic applications and mobile applications intermediatory. Android tutorial contains a prologue to build applications for Android, and clean up. 

Android tutorial includes instructions on where to start from the development of applications for Android, the creation of the first Android Activity. G1 Android Phone T-Mobile was debuted at the 2008th Coming to technical aspects, the Android phone operating system Android applications, and acts as a vital undertaking.
Android is based on the Linux kernel consists of Java applications and can also operate in C language applications. The major difference between the Android phone and other devices that use sophisticated operating software, Android. 
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