Dell's Streak 7 tablet running Android software is a big disappointment says AllThingsD gadget god Walt Mossberg in a relatively scathing review. The Dell Streak is a 7-inch tablet that costs $200 with a monthly wireless data contract. Here's Mossberg's big complaints.

"Its screen, battery life, and software are all disappointing." It’s an older version of Android, called 2.2, which was never intended for tablets, and whose core apps—such as email, contacts and calendar—were designed for the smaller phone screens." 

The Streak 5, unlike the Streak 7 for T-Mobile USA, comes with both voice and mobile broadband data, giving the device the uncanny ability to straddle the smartphone and tablet form factor with its larger than smartphone screen size, but too small for a tablet display.

According to the company's business product marketing chief Kirk Schell, the portfolio refresh marks the "biggest year in the history of Dell". Dell is also planning support for pre-integrated Citrix and VMware remote desktop clients across the range.

"We build products that are serviceable for IT managers," Schell said, explaining that Dell would stick with Windows 7 for its business tablet line-up while basing its consumer tablets on Android. 

Asked whether Dell was working with Microsoft on the upcoming version of Windows for ARM architecture — Windows 7 tablets currently have to use x86 architecture, although Schell declined to specify the processor in Dell's most imminent device — the marketing chief said his company talked to Microsoft "weekly" about the subject. Outside the Latitude range, Dell unveiled three OptiPlex desktops. 
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