Motorola Xoom With Android Honeycomb
The first real challenger to Apple’s might iPad is getting a bit more official with the latest Best Buy circular spotted above. Scheduled for release on February 24th, this do-it-all Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) tablet from Motorola is packed to the gills with loads of features and a new design. As you can see, the tablet is priced outside of many peoples’ reach at $799.99 — an unfortunate revelation. But what’s most worrying, and frankly a reason to consider a different tablet purchase, is the verbiage hidden in the fine print.

This Best Buy ad image says that the first Android tablet to carry the tablet-optimized Honeycomb (Android 3.0) OS will be "available in-store on February 24. "That's pretty good evidence. An additional ouch comes via the data plans revealed in the ad. 

The Motorola Xoom may be priced on the high side with an $800 price tag for launch on February 24th according to an advertisement from Best Buy. At $800, the price point may be comparable to the highest end iPad model–the iPad 3G at 16 GB retails for $629, 32 GB for $729, and 64 GB for $829. To free WiFi, users will need to subscribe to at least 1 month of 3G mobile broadband data.

Four data plans are offered by Verizon, ranging from 1GB per month for $20, through 3GB and 5GB for $35 and $50 respectively, and finally 10GB for $80. 
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