Sony has lifted the lid on PlayStation Suite, a games-only download store for all manner of Android devices, in a development that promises to massively improve the threadbare state of gaming on gadgets running Google’s operating system. 

Set to launch later this year, PlayStation Suite will initially offer classic PSOne titles and PSP games. It's our first cross platform and it will offer PlayStation content for Android. Wellington firm Sidhe says it is gearing up to launch games for Sony's new handheld gaming device, which Sony hopes will snare it a larger slice of the portable gaming market. 

Sony has also announced plans to make PlayStation games available on other Android gadgets as it battles with Nintendo's DS and tries to fend off competition from Apple's iPhone. Sidhe is one of about 80 independent games publishers worldwide that have the green light from Sony to develop games for the console. 

By the end of the year, Sony plans to make PlayStation games available on other portable devices running on Google's Android operating system, through a system called PlayStation Suite that will compete with applications from Apple. Sony's latest release will stoke market speculation the Japanese consumer electronics giant is readying a gaming smartphone. 

Instead of announcing any single “PlayStation Phone”, the company announced the “PlayStation Suite”, an online gaming platform that will provide PlayStation content and games to multiple platforms, including Android. Droid Does PlayStation? PlayStation Suite will be offered on Android devices and will deliver (at first) games from the first PlayStation (PSone).
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