Notwithstanding the glee and amusement of the much awaited updates on the Samsung Epic 4G, many issues were soon raised and the point to be noted here is that it is not even three days since the release of the update to Android 2.2 FROYO. There seems to be increase in the number of supporting calls for technical help, and Sprint seemed to be busy in grooving to the technical issues being raised and have alerted their developers to be ready to face this crises. 

While most of the problems are related to data connectivity, SD card accessibility issues and problems in accessing photos, and music. One of the moderators in the Sprint’s forum replied that Sprint will soon resolve the issues. Just when we thought the anxiety of waiting for the Samsung Epic 4G Froyo update was over, Sprint has just announced that they will be pulling the update for an indefinite amount of time.

Samsung Epic 4G Froyo Update Canceled, Sprint has paused the OTA update and also removed the download link from their website. The action came after several complaints were filed by Samsung Epic 4G owners that the Android 2.2 update messed up their devices.

Some of the issues faced include data connectivity failure and inability to access content stored on microSD card. Surprisingly, the Samsung Vibrant update went out without a hitch, a very similar smartphone to the Epic 4G. The phone gods weren’t having that, though: Sprint’s stopped pushing the EB13 upgrade for the Samsung Epic 4G, and the OTW process has also been unpublished from Samsung’s website.

Sprint cites issues with the SD card when trying to access multimedia and some users lacking data connectivity as reasons why they had to pull it. They say a hard reset has been proven to help fix the issues for some folks, but they are working on a fix anyway. 
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