Android Phone Tips

Android Phone Tips
Have you ever watch the dragon ball? ohw of course, must have all seen or even fond of Japanese-made cartoon film this phenomenal. Now the android application dala contained character of the players which dragon ball named android 19 by the developer. A game which is very good and very challenging, especially for those of you who just love to adventure games, so the characters that made ​​the android 19 is depict actual characters in the film. Android 19 is a fictional character in the Anime Dragon Ball Z. He is an Energy Absorbing Android.  The Energy Absorbing Androids have "energy inlets" on the palm of their hands, and are able to drain their victim's energy through them. He plays a small role at the start of the Cell Saga as Dr Gero/Android 20's side-kick. 

Android 19 then almost kills Goku by draining him of his energy, but is interrupted by Vegeta, who wants to be the one to kill Goku. Vegeta plays it cool, letting the android drain some of his energy, before he pulls the android's hands clean off. Vegeta then finishes #19 off with his signature Big Bang Attack.
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