Android Phone Tips

Android Phone Tips
Some analysts predict that the iPad 2 which was just released, will dominate the market tablets of 70 percent. However, theother analysts believe that Android will beat iPad tablet, although it will heapen in the long term. According to General Manager Mike Abramsky of RBC Capital, the dominance of Apple in the tablet market tends to be a brief phenomenon. 

Abramsky  quoted Boy Genuis Report said that Apple iPad is going to continue to increase their share in the market, but they believe that Android will begin to dominate the market, to market 40 percent in 2014. Abramsky also stressed that several bookmarks tablets Android will definitely come out of the market so far this year. 

Android will win through against Apple iPads in an exploding market for tablets by 2014, according to analyst Mike Abramsky at RBC Capital Markets. By that time he predicts that Apple will have sold 63 million iPads but its market share would lie second to Android tablets of variable quality.

The impending doom his “shakeout” implies will hit the numerous suppliers of tablets that will arise in the Asian markets. Abramsky is predicting that 40 percent of the 2014 market will be using Android, closely followed by iPad’s 34 percent. Trailing behind on 13 percent will be Microsoft Windows ahead of Rim Playbooks (eight percent) and HP WebOS tablets on five percent.

The iPads have it -- or so says a new survey gauging tablet preferences among health-care professionals. Asked by Montreal-based Aptilon Corp. which tablet they would choose for professional use, 79 percent listed the iPad, 12 percent selected Windows PC-based tablets, and 9 percent chose Android-based tablets, according to the company's news release. Aptilon produces iPad and smartphone apps for the pharmaceutical industry.
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