Android Phone Tips

Android Phone Tips
Lookout Inc’s Lookout Mobile Security app is one of the most popular and trusted security apps on the Market, and while the company is going to continue active development of its flagship product, today it is launching Lookout Labs – a separate Android Market developer account dedicated to "pushing the bounds of mobile apps."

The first fruit of Lookout Labs’ labor is a brilliantly simple yet very useful app called Plan B. Plan B was only made possible recently, after the release of the official Android web Market. Note: I have replaced my exact coordinates here for privacy reasons.

Plan B is locating your phone.
Plan B,XXXXX&z=16 within 95m
Plan B,YYYYYY&z=16 within 6m

We have specifically designed this app for the "lost phone" case and for privacy reasons we chose to go ahead and make it clear to whomever may be holding the phone that it is being tracked. Dubbed "BD.HongTouTou.A" and "BD.HongTouTou.B," the latest Trojan variants are repackaged inside popular Android apps and distributed through alternative app markets and forums, NetQin, a Chinese mobile security service provider said on Feb. 22. The malware requests additional user permissions beyond what the host application legitimately requests, according to Lookout. 

Lookout security researchers identified 14 instances of HongTouTou repackaged inside Android apps, the company said on its blog. In a recent apps market report, Lookout analyzed two different alternative markets that target Chinese customers and found nearly 11 percent of the redistributed apps that existed on the official Google market were either repackaged or not submitted to the alternative market by the original developer.

In its second App Genome Project report, Lookout analyzed more than 500,000 mobile apps across different device platforms and app markets. While the markets serve a legitimate need for local apps, there is great likelihood of malware or other security vulnerabilities being introduced in these repackaged apps, Lookout found. 

Lookout's Plan B is the app you turn to for stolen phones that don't have tracking software or remote location capability.  Install Plan B from the Android Market website to the phone that you are trying to find. (You must download it from the web version of the Android Market, not the app market on your phone.). Once Plan B has located your phone, check your Gmail again to find a link to a Google Map of where your phone is located. We recommend that after you’ve found your lost phone, to download full protection from Lookout Mobile Security!
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