Android Phone Tips

Android Phone Tips
Google last month announced an Android OS updateto version 2.3.4. The update mostly contains a number of bug fixes, but its biggest new feature is support for video and voice chat with Google Talk. Unfortunately, the update to the Nexus One lacks support for video and voice chat with Google Talk. According to Google, bug fixes for Nexus One phones are said to include improved battery life, as well as improved GPS location and navigation accuracy for some users who had problems after updating to 2.3.3. 

Bugs causing intermittent shutdowns or reboots, strange connection icons, navigation problems and poor battery life -- something we've personally experienced -- should now have been kicked into touch. Fingers crossed. The update is set to roll out to the Nexus S and other2.3+ devices over the coming weeks. If you can't wait, have a Nexus S and want to install it manually, follow these instructions:
  • Download this ZIP file to your phone.
  • Rename the downloaded file '' and ensure it's stored in the root folder of your phone.
  • Shut down your phone.
  • Hold the volume up button while powering on the phone. This boots it into the bootloader mode.
  • Highlight 'recovery' from the list using the volume buttons. Select it by pressing the power button.
  • When the triangle appears on your screen, press the volume up and power buttons.
  • Choose update from the list of options.
If that all looks rather scary, you'll just have to hang on until an update automatically wings its way to you. Be prepared, it could be a long wait. Video chat features integrated with Google Talk are here, but only for Nexus S owners. Besides Google Talk video chat on the Nexus S, most other updates to Android are minor this time around, as reflected by the version number. 

Google plans to add video chat functionality to other devices to compete with Apple's FaceTime video software. The GPS bug fixes correct problems that cropped up for some users after the Android 2.3.3 update. 
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