Android Phone Tips

Android Phone Tips
Steadily adding to its mobile entertainment proposition, Google has inked a deal to let Android users download TwentiethCentury Fox movies—the first such deal Google has made with a movie studio. It’s a bit of a convoluted scheme, but one thaht benefits Fox's physical movie sales. Then, they can sync the film to their Android mobile. 

Video options are rare birds in the Android jungle. No syncing necessary: Users sign into Android Market with a Google account, and can select, pay for and watch via the Web, or over the air on an Android phone or tablet — like Netflix. Users can also download movies to their device so they’re available for viewing without an Internet connection — like iTunes. Google’s Android is adding a bit of fire power to its media arsenal. In the fall, Twentieth Century Fox will launch a service putting Fox movie downloads in the hands of Android users.

Nope, Android fanboys and girls will first have to purchase an actual Blu-ray disc of a Fox movie. Android users will be able to utilize the service in October. The first movie to get the Android treatment from Fox will be X-Men: First Class. The Google owned OS has suffered from a lack of cutting edge movie services. 

Google has recently added eBooks and the new YouTube Movies for Android 2.2+ phones. Android also has a Netflix app, but they only recently increased its compatible list to 24 devices. Android’s expansion of their overall film libraries might let it compete with Apple’s entertainment market share.
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