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Android Phone Tips
Someone in the supply chain's been testing Android on HP TouchPads, as it seems several tablets have been shipped with a build of Google's operating system instead of HP's abandoned webOS software, Reddit users claimed. The tablets appear to be fully functional running on Android 2.2.1, with Wi-Fi and sound confirmed working, and the Neocore graphics benchmark running smoothly. 

Before it was discontinued, the TouchPad was the only device on the market powered by one of these chips, so using it as a test device seems pretty rational. The people who have ended up with these tablets have been uploading videos of their Android-clad TouchPads. The developer community at HacknMod has placed a bounty on a TouchPad Android port that at time of writing amounts to $2,150 (around £1,300). Did you buy a TouchPad for this reason? An auction is currently running on Ebay that claims to be for a 32GB HP TouchPad tablet that runs Android; the three-day auction has already reached $660 with only six bids and 1/12th of the time elapsed.

It is worth noting that the seller in question apparently purchased the tablet from Best Buy and posted three videos of the running tablet. Looking closely at the video, one can see the "Quic" logo which stands for Qualcomm Innovation Center, which leads us to believe that the chipset maker already had a running version of Android (Android 2.2.1Froyo) on the HP TouchPad.

As you’re sure to know by now HP recently dropped the price tag of their webOS powered TouchPad tablet to just $99. The reason I say this is because an HP TouchPad supposedly running Android ‘Froyo’ 2.2  has appeared on eBay. 
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