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Inevitably, users will compare the Gl to Apple Inc.'s second-generation iPhone 3G, which includes Exchange support and other enterprise-friendly features. Brant Castellow, a regional sales executive at Correlagen Diagnostics Inc. who also handles IT tasks for the Waltham, Mass.-based genetic testing company, uses an iPhone 3G for various business functions. He plans to check out the Gl, but he said his initial impression of the phone is that "it looks a little quirky and is not that sophisticated."

And with such a heavy focus on integrating Google applications into the device, he said, "won't they have a tough time capturing the business user like me?" Nonetheless, some IT managers are preparing to support the Gl within their organizations, anticipating that end users will buy the new phone themselves and then want to use it for business purposes.

Big companies need to stay current on devices like the Gl, if only so they can respond to employes who bring them to work, said a networking executive at a major U.S. corporation. The executive, who asked not to be identified, said that future Android phones likely will be more business focused. "It will be similar to the iPhone, which started more for consumers and spilled over to the enterprise," said the executive, whose company is already running a business application on the iPhone.

Jorge Mata, CIO at the Los Angeles Community College District, a federation of nine schools with a total of 140,000 students and 10,000 workers, said the Gl is a "strong first salvo" for Google in what he described as a "Clash of the Titans scenario" with Apple and other cell phone vendors. Enterprise deployment tools and support for exchange are needed to spur widespread corporate adoption of the Gl, Mata said via e-mail. He added that for now, at least, the new phone"is not as sexy as the iPhone."

But Mata said his team will begin supporting the Gl as soon as it's available. The built-in QWERTY keyboard will make the phone useful for online discussions, he noted, and the Gl "seems to be a device that will evolve to meet the needs of our staff."
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