Online games company Kongregate temporarily had its Kongregate Arcade app pulled from Android Market by Google, following allegations that it was “illicitly installing applications.” However, what the app actually does is enable customers to play online Flash games on their device, even using the Android web browser for rendering – “though it does cache games for faster loading.” 

Previously, Android Market has been criticised for lacking the same types of controls that Apple has on products available via its App Store – although on the flip side, Apple’s App Store submission process has been criticised for being opaque. Kongregate Arcade provides access to more than 300 games, and includes social gaming features such as app rating, high-score sharing and comment posting. 

Google removed the Kongregate app from the Android Marketplace last week, citing a provision in the Android Market Developer Distribution Agreement that prohibits apps which distribute other apps.

Greer told Gamasutra that "tens of thousands" of users downloaded the free app before it was removed from the marketplace. The app allows free access to an initial library of over 300 Flash games, with plans to add dozens more per month, Greer told Gamasutra.

Kongregate’s original turn in the Android Market was short lived due to some violations of Google’s distribution agreement. The app now uses the phone’s browser cache to temporarily store the Flash games you play rather than storing them more permanently on local media. 
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