Android Phone Tips And Tutorial
Android phone users with the 1.6+ versions (a.k.a. Google phone users) can benefit from two new services launched recently by Google.

Google Goggles is the new way to search the web, using images instead of typing or dictating. Mobile users with an Android version 1.6 or above can use this application
(downloadable through the Android Market) to find out information about books, artwork and landmarks simply by taking a picture. In addition, it allows users to scan a business card, save the information and later contact the person directly without having to type a thing.

As soon as the search is done, users can discard the pictures or save them to their search history to view at any time.

The YouTube tutorial of Google Goggles indicates the technology is still in its infancy and that i t works best on the above-mentioned things; not so much with food, cars, plants or animals...yet.

"We're only scratching the surface of the visual search technology. In the future, it will help you do more with these things such as suggesting a move in a chess game or taking a picture of a leaf to identify the plant," says the tutorial.

What's Nearby is the name of the second offering, a search add on for Google Maps. Users must choose their Location and What's Nearby will tell them the top 10 places to be in that region.

Available as an update from the Android Market, Google is marketing What's Nearby as an excellent tool for those who have a little time to kill in an unknown place such as someone on a business trip who's unfamiliar with the city he's visiting and has an hour or two between checking into the hotel and the first meeting.
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