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Google's Android platform could emerge as the next challenger to Microsoft's Windows operating system.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Google is working with another technology giant, Hewlett-Packard (HP), to manufacture netbooks (small laptop computers designed for on-the go wireless communication and Internet access) preloaded with the Android platform.

Currently, Android is used primarily in mobile phones including T-Mobile's 61. Its incorporation
into netbooks would provide an easier way to share data—such as photos or videos—between mobile phones and PCs.

As the news spread over the Internet, opinions sprang up as to whether an Android netbook is a winning idea.

Some industry observers said if HP succeeded in selling Android-preloaded netbooks others
would follow, as it represents an opportunity to reach the growing community of software developers who are encouraged to create applications for Android and other application stores.

Others argued it is still too early to tell if this combination would be a hit because of the Limited history of both Android and netbooks. Netbooks first appeared on the market running the Linux operating system, but became popular only after manufacturers switched to Windows XP. In addition. Android needs to be more robust.

However, both sides agree ease of use would be a determining factor in whether Android netbooks catch on. Microsoft has made it easy for users to connect and install peripherals to their PCs, as well as to resolve any troubleshooting with Little technical knowledge.

Google is also pushing Android for broader applications, such as set-top boxes and in-car
navigation systems. According to Android creator Andy Rubin, who is also Google senior director, the result could be "Google-ready" devices equipped to run the company's applications.
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