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A couple of weeks ago, I posted something on how an industrious Android enthusiast, who goes by the handle deeper-blue on the xdadevelopers' forum, had hacked or "rooted" the Nook Color to run a preview version of Honeycomb. (Note: Cogen is running the Honeycomb port from the internal memory, which works better and has the Android Market, but is harder to undo). 

In other Nook Color news, after the device recently experienced some shipping delays, it's back in stock at stores just in time for Valentine's Day. Some were concerned Barnes & Noble was on the verge of "locking down" the Nook Color so it couldn't be rooted. 

When it comes to eReaders the NOOK Color has been a success in today’s market. It’s a device that has so much more potential than its official specs let on. One of the things that most people are calling for with the device if it is to be updated by Barnes & Noble is an extended battery life. Our parting question to all of you is, what specs and features are on your NOOK Color 2 wish list? 

One of the most important features that we think that the Nook Color version 2 should have is faster Android OS support, so maybe version 2.3 or higher once they become available. Having said that, it is a know fact that the Nook Color is very easy to hack to the last Android OS version.

If Barnes & Noble were to make hardware upgrades then they will need to upgrade its battery; we will just have to watch this space.What features would you like to see in the New Barnes & Noble Nook Color 2nd generation?
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