Android phone tips

Android Phone Tips
Who needs a Snapdragon when you have PlayOn Mobile for Android? PlayOn also streams personal media stored locally on a networked PC, and offers support for plugins that adds even more channels like the Discovery Channel, the Food Network, Southpark Studios, international channels, podcasts and numerous other channels.

There's also another catch: the service isn't cheap. Throw on separate subscription fees for Netflix, Hulu Plus and other services, and the ability to stream video to the Android device might seem a bit costly. “We’re pleased to add Android to our ever-growing list of compatible devices for streaming online video content,” states Jeff Lawrence, CEO of MediaMall Technologies. Users must manually activate Mobile Access in the PlayOn PC client, and either let the software automatically configure the connection, or manually set the TCP port.

Android owners who are crying over their flash new hardware, after hearing the news that Netflix will not be streaming on Android devices anytime soon. The software will stream any pc content to popular devices such as XBox 360, PS3, Wii, iPhone and iPad and Android 2.2 and above. The service basically networks your device to your PC. Viewers have to install the PlayOn software on PC, and an app on Android. 

The service allows you to stream your favorite Web video to your Android phone via a companion app that runs on a Windows PC. The service just unveiled its new Android app, which unlike those other devices, offers Android users the first real way to get streaming Web services like Hulu and Netflix onto their phones. 

PlayOn also brings Comedy Central, CNN, CBS, Adult Swim, SpikeTV, and more to your mobile devices, and Android users have all of the features that iOS and console users currently enjoy. The PlayOn Mobile app for Android is free and available now in the Android App Market. 
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  1. jamesj11487
    March 9, 2011 at 7:23 PM

    I absolutely love the Xbox integration software from the Playon team, and use it almost everyday. I have been anticipation this mobile app release, but find it to lack features that I expected. I am a DISH Network subscriber/employee, and I use the DISH Remote Access app to stream live TV, on demand content, and DVR recordings remotely to my Android. I have yet to find a better app, but hope to see more from Playon.

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