Along with gesture control, Orange is rolling out its own animated wallpapers for it Signature Android phones over the course of 2011. Fair question, but Orange tells us these are a little bit clever, and reflect your Android phone’s phone signal or new alerts.

Orange has unveiled an upgrade to its Android Homescreen which includes Live Wallpapers and gesture controls at Mobile World Congress. Useful wallpaper. The first wallpaper, candles, is linked to battery life. Gesture control. The new features will be available on all Orange Android handsets from Q2, aside from HTC handsets which use the Sense environment rather than Orange homescreens. 

Orange will be dousing its upcoming Android phones in a carrot-coloured cornucopia of widgets, an innovative gesture app and a range of live wallpapers. These will join the Orange apps and widgets we've already seen on phones such as the Orange San Francisco, such as Orange Maps and Orange Wednesdays.

The gesture app lets you summon the tiny demons that control your phone with a swipe of your fingers. You can draw your gesture anywhere on the seven Android home screens, over anything else on the screen. Orange's effort to tempt us to its phones also includes a live wallpaper, which shows the coppery glow of three burning candles.
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