Android Phone Tips

Android Phone Tips
This Tuesday saw the official opening of Amazon's Android appstore despite a lawsuit from Apple which claimed it shouldn't be allowed to use "appstore" as it was too close to its own "app store". Last year in August Amazon hired a number of engineers for an unnamed project and last month it put out a call for Android developers. 

Now downloading apps is as easy as downloading books from the Kindle store the natural next step would be for the online retail giant to develop an Android tablet. We've spent years developing innovative features that help customers discover relevant products. By applying these features - plus new ones like Test Drive - we're aiming to give customers a refreshing app shopping experience" said Paul Ryder from Amazon. 

Amazon opened the doors on their Appstore, a new digital marketplace for third-party Android software. Just go through a few steps to install a new store app on your phone and then buying and installing apps is about as easy as buying ebooks through the Kindle store. All of your Appstore purchases are made through your existing account.

Apple owns the trademark to “App Store” and as far as they’re concerned, Amazon can call it an Appstore or an App Store or an App (long, impatient French-waiter sigh) Store or any other duration of hesitation between those two syllables for all the difference it makes: only Apple can use that term to describe a mobile software marketplace.

Apple’s reqiured to defend their trademark. “I bet Amazon is developing their own tablet computer.” Apple has proven that content delivery is a key feature for these devices. Apple sells digital downloads of music, movies, TV shows, apps, and books. So does Amazon. Apple’s video library is way stronger; Amazon has the clear edge in books. The device was just your access pass to the Kindle Store and its huge library of affordable, easy-to-browse, easy-to-buy content.

If a huge active customer base is key to success, then Amazon’s has to be at least as valuable as Apple’s. During the same iPad 2 media event, Apple also made the point that the gold rush for apps is in iOS and the iTunes Store, not Android and the Android Marketplace. iPad users can tap into all of that book content indirectly, through Amazon’s Kindle app. 

But that doesn’t make Apple into a stronger provider ... and it’s Amazon, not Apple, that gets the commission on each of those purchases. A Kindle Tablet would gain fast legitimacy if it became the device where much of the best non-app content was appearing, months ahead of anything else. Amazon excels at steering customers towards other things they might like to buy.

Consumers are still driven to buy new content through the referrals of individuals. Apple does have an affiliate link program. Amazon credits its link affiliates for all of the Amazon purchases that someone makes after clicking an Associates link. It makes a comprehensive Amazon digital store more attractive to bloggers, tweeters, and Facebookers than the iTunes Store. Amazon is a company that can definitely produce a superb $349 color tablet computer.

It doesn’t matter who’s building the tablet: you can’t compete with the iPad unless it’s smaller, cheaper, or ideally both. Well, Amazon is the maker of the industry’s No. 2-best-selling tablet computer. The Kindle can’t compromise readability, battery life, or portability. In a nutshell: Amazon keeps the Kindle on message. 6) Amazon has a retail channel that rivals Apple’s. There’s an Apple Store within a short drive of every home in America. Great. The Amazon Store is actually inside every home in America.

And Amazon is a lot less hidebound than Apple is on the “All customers must wear pants” shopping policy. A Kindle Tablet would have an instant clarity with consumers that no other tablet can communicate ... not even the iPad. There’s a real perceptual problem with tablets. Even the iPad suffers from this problem. “It’s a book reader.” Sold!

Amazon wouldn’t need to describe their new tablet as “magical” when they already have “Kindle.” Amazon has plenty of experience in rehabilitating nerdy free software and making it fit for human consumption.. We know that Amazon is hiring up Google Android developers. That’s not a smoking gun for the “they’re building a Kindle Tablet” rumor; other possibilities include “They want a better suite of Amazon apps for Android phones and tablets” (an Amazon Instant Video app for both Android and iOS would be pretty freakin’ sweet, wouldn’t it?) and “The next Kindle will, like Barnes & Noble’s Nook, be a book reader that happens to be based on the Android OS.”

But if Amazon were to build a tablet, it makes sense that they’d use Android as a starting point. Finally, Amazon can succeed like Apple and maybe exceed Apple’s success in many places because it has the single greatest asset that any tech company can possibly have.

Many companies are run by Sensible Billionaires. About the Amazon Appstore itself. Here’s Amazon lacing up its boot. Installing the Appstore isn’t particularly easy or difficult on the Android scale of effort. Ping via email or text message for a download link for the Appstore market app. It’s the same thing with the Amazon Appstore. 

I reckon that many new phones will arrive with the Amazon Appstore preinstalled, anyway. As for this Kindle Tablet thing: I caution that it’s barely a rumor at this point. I love my iPad, but I’m only a fan of great technology. I can’t imagine a world in which any of these devices will distract any tablet shopper from the iPad.
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