Android Phone Tips

Android Phone Tips
Online retailer Amazon has launched its own application store, selling software for Android devices. If an app is offered free, the 20 per cent of list price arrangement applies. A feature of the Amazon Appstore is the option for customers to try apps via their web browser before deciding whether to buy. 

We've spent years developing innovative features that help customers discover relevant products. The Amazon Appstore will be competing against Google's own app store, Android Market. Unlike Amazon, Google does not vet apps before making them available for users to download and recently had to pull 50 malicious apps from the Android Market. 

So lets talk about Amazon for a few minutes. The launch of the Amazon Android Appstore has reinvigorated speculation that Amazon is working on some kind of Android device of its own.  A lot of the speculation about an Amazon Tablet focuses on Amazon's fight with Apple. Sure an Amazon Android Tablet would be a thorn in Apple's side: Amazon has digital music, movies, books and apps ready to be loaded onto such a device, same as Apple. 

But an Amazon Tablet would also strike out at Barnes & Noble as well. An Amazon Tablet would support Amazon Video-on-Demand (including free streaming) and up-selling Kindle owners to a Kindle Tablet that can play this content could really get the customer base excited about Amazon's VOD offerings.

I knew Amazon offered casual Windows games for download, but yesterday I was made aware that they'd expanded to AAA full-price Windows titles from companies like Electronic Arts. I bought The Sims: Medieval, a game that just launched Tuesday of this week, digitally from Amazon. Clearly Amazon sees Steam and the others as another battle to be won. Amazon isn't in the business of building e-readers or tablets.
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