Android Phone Tips

Android Phone Tips
Google has released the Fragments Library for Android 1.6 or later - this makes it possible to write tablet apps that run on a wider range of Android tablets than before.

The answer is mostly a matter of screen size. Fragments isn't rocket science. There are lots of Android tablets on the market and lots already sold that don't or can't use Android 3.0 and the availability of a fragments library makes it possible to create apps that work on these as well as true Android 3.0 tablets which are currently in short supply. 

Android applications designed for past versions, dating all the way back to the Android 1.6 release, can now take advantage of anti-fragmentation tools (that are for some reason called “Fragment”) with the ability to use code that helps make Android apps created for phones run better on Android tablets. CNET noticed Google’s quiet blog post on the matter Thursday.

With Thursday’s release, older applications can get the same benefit. Google on Thursday expanded its Fragments API to applications running older versions of Android, meaning apps that are compatible with Android 1.6 or higher can tap into Fragments to create apps that work on larger-screened devices like tablets.

About 6.3 percent are still on Android 1.6, according to the Android Developers site. To address this, Google introduced the Android Fragments API in early February as part of Android 3.0 Honeycomb.  At the time, however, the Fragment API was only available for Android 3.0 Honeycomb. The library is available via SDK Updater under "Android Compatibility package."
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