Android Phone Tips

Android Phone Tips
There are too many features that are promised, but just don't work yet. There aren't many tablet apps.  Some of the phone apps don't seem to work. Not surprisingly, most of the existing Android applications are designed for the dimensions of a cell phone, with a vertical screen and relatively limited screen real estate.

When I tried applications like the Wall Street Journal, I got messages saying the application wasn't supported.
You get too many "mobile sites" when web browsing. I understand why Web sites created mobile sites for phones a while back, but with a 10-inch screen, it's pretty pointless especially when surfing on a Wi-Fi connection. In part, the sites themselves should offer options, but I wish the device had a way of changing that (perhaps by offering an alternative browser ID).

The widescreen display (RESOLUTION) is more suited for HD video, and that's great. You'll see icons on the bottom of the screen that list notifications, including battery and signal strength, e-mail messages, and operating system indications. In general, there has been more diversity among Android phones than among iPhone or BlackBerry. 

But today, there's only one model of Honeycomb tablet, and it offers only once configuration: 32GB with a 3G modem and Verizon service.The charger is way too big. In general, I'd love to see all mobile devices powered through the micro-USB port, which is the case for most non-Apple phones these days. 

As I said in the previous post, there's a lot to like about the Xoom and about Android 3.0 Honeycomb in general. Some of these issues should be corrected in relatively short order, by Google, Motorola, and by third-party developers. 

Well, now Motorola has officially unveiled the price of its Wi-Fi-only Xoom tablet PC: £450, or around $730, according to Engadget. That puts the price of the Xoom Wi-Fi at £60 less than the going rate for the 32GB Wi-Fi-only iPad, and only £10 more than the 16GB iPad. This puts the Xoom at only 95 Euro cents above the 32GB Wi-Fi + 3G iPad.

The Xoom’s pricing makes it competitive with the current iPad model. At the equivalent of about $730 US, the 449 euro XOOM is priced is priced right on par with the 16GB iPad model. Interestingly, the pre-order page at PC World that initially offered this pricing insight has reverted back to a simple landing page (unless we are missing something). Photographic proof rests above.
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