Android Phone Tips

Android Phone Tips
Taking screenshots on Android phone required having root access on your device, or using the SDK for Android - which wasn't the best solution either. Luckily it seems that this issue will finally be sorted out in the upcoming Android version 2.3.3, also known as Gingerbread.

The Gingerbread update released for Nexus S users will not include the Facebook contact sync feature. Google officially announced that the Nexus S, as well as future Android devices will no longer have this Facebook contact sync feature.

The reason behind this is that Facebook itself does not allow Android users to export their contacts to their mobile device. This resulted in an ongoing conflict between Facebook and Google, because Facebook rejected Google’s requests to allow contacts to be exported from the website. 

At the moment, Facebook does not allow users to fully sync their contacts to the mobile phones through the Facebook app for Android. Google began rolling out Android 2.3.3 over the air updates for Nexus One and Nexus S smartphone users last week. The good news is that users are reporting the Android 2.3.3 finally allows users to take screenshots of their device without first rooting their phones or installing the SDK. 

Engadget reports that after applying the update, Google Voice may stop working. If you don’t feel like waiting for Google to push the Gingerbread update to your phone, you can download and install the update manually as well. 
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