Android Phone Tips

Android Phone Tips
Mozilla is targeting Firefox 4 at the growingAndroid smartphone platform as the company seeks to carve out market share in the battle with Apple and Microsoft. Jay Sullivan, vice president of products at Mozilla, told that the open nature of Android offers the best opportunity for Mozilla to push its newest browser into the mobile market.

Mozilla is confident that Firefox can outperform IE, particularly as Firefox is compatible with a greater number of platforms. Microsoft only developed IE9 for Windows 7 and Vista, but not XP," he said. Sullivan also confirmed that Mozilla will change its development cycle after Firefox 4 to introduce improvements and updates more quickly.

A couple of weeks ago, Mozilla has officially released the new Firefox 4 Beta 5 version for Android. It is also stated to be more stable than previous Firefox beta versions as miscellaneous bugs and other issues have been fixed. A couple of weeks ago, Mozilla has officially released the new Firefox 4 Beta 5 version for Android.

The Firefox 4 Beta 5 for Android is said to show significant speed improvements as compared to the Beta 3 or Beta 4. "Generally speaking, apps that do essentially the same thing should be essentially the same size. If one is particularly bigger than the other it either includes features the other doesn't, or is using inefficient code. In this case the former likely explains the size discrepancy."  

The built-in Android browser uses Android's built-in Webkit libraries. Firefox mobile uses Mozilla's Gecko engine instead. This is what causes the size difference. This is also why different Webkit browsers (Dolphin,etc) score the same on, render pages the same way, and have the same javascript speed. They are all using the same built-in Webkit libraries. The size of the built-in Webkit libraries aren't included in the browser's reported size because they are required for Android to operate.
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