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Android Phone Tips
Amazon launched two new services – Cloud Drive and Cloud Player. In order to encourage users to upload music to their Cloud Drives, Amazon automatically syncs all MP3 purchases from its stores to the user’s personal cloud storage. More importantly, Amazon does not consider purchased music stored in Cloud Drives against the 5GB free quote. 

While cloud “lockers” allowing users to store personal content on the cloud is nothing new (See:, Amazon Cloud Drive – The Future Of Cloud Storage And Sharing… ), a music retailer allowing purchased content to be stored in the cloud and downloaded multiple times certainly is. In fact, combining streaming music and online storage may prove to be a game changer in the music industry.

Now, Amazon’s current license agreements with music companies do not allow a customer of its music store to download the same file more than once. We do not need a license to make Cloud Player available.” However, the music companies may not be as accommodating. Sony Music spokesperson Liz Young said the company hoped for a license deal but that it was keeping its “legal options open.” 

Amazon slapped up its Cloud Drive (for data storage) and Cloud Player (for playing stored music) services in a hurry last week, apparently moving fast to get ahead of similar products about to be launched by Google (GOOG) and Apple (AAPL).

Free or cheap online data storage services, or “digital lockers,” have been around for years. Services that add functionality that lives in “the cloud” are available, too. Then Amazon in effect said, “Oopsy! The music companies aren’t so sure about that, particularly Sony Music Entertainment, whose executives have called their lawyers.

The movie studios see it differently. The Amazon service may encourage people to build a library of movies, even in the age of Netflix (NFLX), and the studios don’t care if the library is digital or physical.
 The Cloud Player plays music, but not video. That is, you can store video on the Amazon Cloud, but you can’t directly stream your stored video to watch it (although Amazon has a separate movie sales site that does). 
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