Android Phone Tips

Android Phone Tips
DigiTimes reports that at the show Lenovo, Fujitsu and Samsung will be showing off new Intel Oak Trail tablets. MSI is also said to be getting a new tablet ready that will run the AMD Brazos APU.

MSI is noting to DigiTimes that AMD’s APU has increased its presence in the tablet market. Perhaps the more interesting bit to come out of that news about AMD and MSI doing well in the tablet market together is that AMD is reportedly on the lookout for some new Android talent.

AMD is specifically searching for new blood that will work on Android driver software. This indicates that AMD might be looking to offer chipsets for notebooks, tablets, and netbooks that can run Android. That opens the interesting possibility of Fusion for Android.

It was only a matter of time before AMD followed Nvidia's lead and finally jumped onto the Android bandwagon, as the company is now recruiting engineers to create chipset drivers for Android. According to unnamed sources, the nation's second largest CPU manufacturer is now looking to offer notebook and tablet partners chipset solutions supporting Google's popular mobile platform.

"Experience with video decode acceleration within the Android web browser or video player application would be an asset. Intel is even reportedly working on an Android-ready Atom chipset. The news arrives with additional reports that MSI is gearing up to market its latest tablet using AMD's 40-nm low-power Brazos APUs-- probably the revised Ontario with HD support and a 5W thermal design. 

It's likely that both companies will showcase their Brazos-based tablets this June at COMPUTEX 2011. DigiTimes has caught an interesting tidbit of information to go along with some AMD Brazos tablets that are inbound at the show from MSI and other vendors. The new talent AMD is on the hunt for is specifically for Android driver software development. 

That opens the very interesting prospect of Fusion chips inside tablets and other gear like notebooks or netbooks that can run Android. As it stands now there is no hint that Android tablets using AMDhardware might be surfacing at the show. Perhaps later this year we will see AMD offering hardware with driver support for Android. 
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