Android Phone Tips

Android Phone Tips
Bookseller chain Barnes & Noble introduced a software development kit and related tools enabling programmers to deploy and market applications via the company's Android-powered Nook Colore-reader. Barnes & Noble will offer both paid and free Android apps for Nook Color, with a focus on reader-centric solutions that "enrich and extend the reading experience."

The company will offer Developer Mode services including Android Debugging Bridge access, public and private interaction with other developers and Nook App Developer technical  experts, and early looks at development tools, APIs, resources and related services.
Barnes & Noble vows to showcase and merchandise Android apps across the Nook Color device platform as well as on its online site and over 1,300 retail locations across the U.S. Barnes & Noble first added Android-based games and a basic web browser to the Nook in April 2010. Barnes & Noble is recruiting developers to build reading-centric apps for the NOOK Color and promises new firmware to unleash its potential. 

A Thursday report at All Things Digital said that Barnes & Noble is finalizing plans to introduce Android apps toits Nook store. Unlike Barnes & Noble, Amazon is adopting Android in reverse. The company opened its own devoted app storefront on the Android operating system. Although the Kindle brand and bookstore remain separate from Amazon’s own app store, it seems unlikely that Amazon would allow its next updated Kindle to hit the market without its own app store present.

But do these moves portend that the Kindle and Nook will naturally evolve into tablet PCs? Provided that production costs stay low, both Amazon and Barnes & Noble can afford to introduce the next generation of their e-reader without a need to offer full tablet functionality and still maintain sales.

It’s hard to imagine either company competing full bore in the struggling Android tablet market. If it does, Barnes & Noble would likely follow suit, making Nook a free part of its Barnes & Noble Rewards program. Free Android-powered, e-readers that fuel digital book sales? 
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