Android Phone Tips

Android Phone Tips
Out of the box most Google Android phones and some Android tablets allow you to download and install apps from the Android Market. Hit the menu key on your Android device. Here’s all you have to do to enable support for third party apps that aren’t available from the Android Market:
  1. Hit the menu key on your Android device.
  2. Select “settings.”
  3. Choose “Applications.”
  4. Check the box next to “Unknown sources.”
That’s it.
Note that these instructions show how to enable support for unknown sources on a device running Android 2.3.3. Once you’ve enabled support for unknown sources you can download and install apps using several different methods. You can grab apps from a web site using your phone’s browser and run the apk installer file from your list of downloaded files.

Yesterday I noted Baird's report that fragmentation in the Android platform is making some developers nervous. If developers can't publish their applications to the Android Market, fragmentation is kind of a moot point.  The Android Developer Console, the content management application that lets developers publish their apps to the Android Market, has been experiencing outages and other issues since March 31. 

There are more than 160 posts on this Android Market help forum thread pointing out various issues accessing the Developer Console, including error messages, problems with data and statistics not updating and failures in loading application lists. It is possible on occasion to get apps uploaded; I've uploaded two today. 

A Google spokesperson acknowledged the problem to eWEEK: "Some developers may be experiencing issues accessing the Android Market developer console. There's no question this is a problem Google needs to address if it wants Android developers to continue to feel comfortable using the Android Market. A bug in Google’s Android Developer Console has left a large number of Android developers unable to perform basic functions within their developer accounts, leaving them without the ability to upload or update apps and view comments.

Frustrated developers have posted messages on Google’s Android help forums, highlighting error messages, file size errors and restrictions when trying to change feature listings and screenshots on their Android Market listing. The Android Developer Console is not working since 18 hours now. 
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