Android Phone Tips

Android Phone Tips
Social networking is one of the things that a huge number of web users enjoy when they are on their computer. If you are a big fan of the Facebook app for your Android smartphone there is an update for the app now available. You can now tag specific friends in a status update. You can now also find a friend from the Android app.

Another new feature that the update brings is the ability to add a phone number to your profile. The update addresses and fixes various bugs too. The official changelog shows changes to the Facebook app for iPhone 3.4.1 are: find Friends on Facebook using your phone, add your phone to your profile, and bug fixes. 

The official changelog for the Facebook app forAndroid 1.5.3 lists: ability to tag friends in status updates added, Find Friends feature added, and ability to add your phone number to your profile.  Facebook for iPhone 3.3.1 can be downloaded from the Apple app store on iTunes. 

Facebook for Android 1.5.3 can be downloaded from Google’s Android Market.  The updated applications will also ask users to add their phone number on their profile. The future of computing is moving towards a mobile environment, and Facebook, by asking users to add their mobile numbers as thinking ahead to the day when Facebooking on the road will be more common than not.  
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