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Android Phone Tips
An alleged Android app for Netflix leaked on the Internet on Thursday, but doesn't appear to stream videos yet. Android Police discovered and tested the app on an EVO phone, but couldn't get anything to stream. Last November, Netflix blamed Android's fragmentation issues for not being able to offer a Netflix app on all Android phones. 

Netflix does, however, have streaming apps for the iPhone and iPod touch as well as an updated iPad app. Boxee finally added a Netflix app last month after multiple delays due to security issues. Meanwhile, Google recently expanded its Fragments API to applications running older versions of Android, meaning apps that are compatible with Android 1.6 or higher can tap into Fragments to create apps that work on larger-screened devices like tablets.

Netflix has created an Android app for use on a prototype LG smartphone called the Revolution. It wasn't long before he posted the entire system dump online and someone was able to pull out the Netflix app on its own. Unfortunately, the part that doesn't work is the video streaming part. 

Netflix hasn't released a Netflix app for Android yet, because of a two-pronged problem with the operating system dealing with hardware fragmentation and DRM concerns. Nevertheless, this is the most official Netflix thing on Android. When users who have downloaded the leaked APK try to stream movies on their device, they receive the message ‘could not reach the Netflix service’.

According to Qualcomm, there is a hardware requirement of devices in order to utilize the Netflix streaming service. In order to stream movies via Netflix, the device requires Netflix-supporting Snapdragon chip, like the one found in the LG Revolution. It certainly looks like Android users wanting to get their hands on Netflix streaming will have to eventually pick up a device that supports Netflix at the hardware level. 
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