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Android Phone Tips
Immediately after the keynote, Samsung held a press event titled “What’s Your Tab Life?”. Samsung had already announced its 10.1-inch tablet at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in February and on Tuesday announced its refinement. Thinner, lighter, sleeker. Android 3.0Honeycomb front and back cameras. The new product was the third entry in Samsung’s tablet line: an 8.9 inch dual-core tweener. 

Samsung now has three tablets of various sizes with the original 7-inch, the 8.9-inch and the 10.1-inch, the latter two to be released in June and “early summer.” Since Samsung sent out the invites for the event, the speculation was that it would be for an 8.9-inch tablet. Galaxy S Tabs can come with Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync capabilities, Cisco VPNsolutions (AnyConnect), Sybase Afaria mobile management, the aforementioned on-device encryption and SAP mobile electronic medical record for the increasingly popular tablet use in health care.

Unlike the Motorola Xoom, it looks like Samsung actually put some thought into enterprise functionality and creating an application ecosystem (Samsung Enterprise Alliance helps developers make software for the tablets). Instead of rushing straight to the market, Samsung pulled back a little after its CEO called the company's tablets “weak” in comparison to the iPad 2. 

Samsung today added two more Google Android Honeycomb-based tablets to its lineup, with a slimmer 10.1-inch tablet and an 8.9-inch model joining the Galaxy Tab lineup. Samsung wants to answer "yes" to every possible tablet size need, Samsung chief strategy officer Omar Khan said. In a briefing, Samsung execs described the 7-inch Galaxy Tab as a pocketable device, while the 8.9-inch tablet is ideal for business use and creative tasks, and the 10.1-inch tablet is best for media consumption. 

The 8.9-inch model has a "bit more mobility," Khan said. At just 595 grams, the new 10.1-inch model is the "thinnest and lightest large-screen tablet in the industry," Samsung's Khan said. "Samsung will not be outdone." The smaller model weighs 470 grams.

The tablets will support Samsung's overpriced Media Hub movie and TV download store. The tablets are indeed thin, they're much easier to grip than last month's Galaxy Tab 10.1, and Samsung's home screen widgets look absolutely great. Honeycomb tablets tend to have a very blank default home screen, and Samsung's widgets bring information you want to the front. 

The Galaxy Tab 10.1 Wi-Fi model will be available in 16GB and 32GB models. The 16GB model will cost $499, and the 32GB version will cost $599.  Samsung Tuesday expanded its Galaxy Tab tablet line-up with a new device that has an 8.9-inch screen. It's priced at $469 for the 16GB version and $569 for the 32GB version. 

Samsung announced today that the 10.1-inch device will to ship on June 8 in Wi-Fi-only. A 7-inch Galaxy Tab device was introduced last fall. Samsung said all of the Galaxy Tab versions will offer features aimed at helping IT shops support workers using the device for business tasks. The devices run dual core processors and Android 3.0.
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