Android Phone Tips

Android Phone Tips
Not to be left behind by Amazon’s recent Android Appstore  opening, Barnes and Noble (BN) announced that they will have an Android Apps store opening in April for their Nook ColoreReader. Many current Nook Color owners did not wait for this promise to come to fruition, and “rooted” their Nook Color eReaders in custom-made firmware that allowed them full access to the Google Android App Market.

The Amazon Kindle is the #1 selling eReader, but the BN Nook is right there in second place. With Amazon announcing a feature that Nook could not match until they made their Nook Store announcement, it appeared the Kindle was pulling away in desirability. Enter the Nook Store and Flash support, and the Nook Color stands poised to steal market share from Amazon.

It's worth noting that Barnes & Noble seems to be shying away from actually calling the Nook app store the Nook App Store, which may be a good idea considering Apple just sued for naming its Android app store the Amazon Appstore for Android. As for HSN selling the Nook Color for $299.90, that's $50 more than you need to spend for the Nook Color (its list price is $249.99). We'll have an in-depth look at the Nook Color update once it launches in April. 

According to the HSN Website, the Nook Color will soon be getting a new app store known as the Nook Store. Barnes & Noble seems to be avoiding calling the app store the 'Nook App Store' and probably for good reason if you've paid attention to Apple's  recent lawsuit against Amazon for using the term "App Store." 
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