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Android Phone Tips
Merely a week after Amazon launched the app (which is still free through this week), Angry Birds Rio has come catapulting into the Android Market as a free download.

Now, Amazon does still offer exclusive ad-free paid versions of various Angry Bird titles, but Rovio no doubt didn’t want to miss out on the millions of dollars of ad revenue they have been banking through the Android Market. If you have had some aversion to grabbing this title through Amazon, head over to the Google’s market and grab it now. 

Having spent all of a week flapping around on the Amazon Appstore, Angry Birds Rio will now finally be available to everyone outside the US courtesy of the Android Market. Angry Birds Rio is one of the growing trend of mobile game film tie-ins (see also Doodle Jump Hop), which sees the birds being shipped to Brazil and forced to release their captured brethren.

According to Eurodroid Angry Birds Rio will be arriving on the Android Market later this week. The Android Market version of the game will be only available as a free ad-free download, much like the existing Angry Birds games on the market. You can see the announcement over on the Rovio Angry Birds Facebook page. 
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