Android Phone Tips

Android Phone Tips
Some of the changes are hard to capture on camera, such as the improved support for hardware graphics acceleration, which generally makes the tablet feel faster thanks to improved browser performance and smoother system animations. Other items such as improved home screen widgets and new browser tools are more readily apparent. At the moment only a few widgets can be resized, including the calendar, Gmail and bookmarks widgets. 

There are now sections for Android apps, digital books, and movies. The Android 3.1 web browser has received a number of improvements, including better support for hardware graphics acceleration. The “Quick Controls” option in the web browser now lets you flip through thumbnail icons for open tabs. 

When Quick Controls are enabled, you won’t see browser tabs at the top of the screen, or a location bar. The new Music app doesn’t look all that different, but if you’re participating in the private beta test of Google’s new online music service which lets you upload your music to the cloud, your songs should show up in the Music player alongside songs stored on your device.

Google Android 3.1 has been rolling out for Motorola XOOM units for the past few days. While Google officials initially stated that the update would be available for Verizon XOOM 3G customers first, a number of people with WiFi-only tablets have also confirmed that they’ve received the update. 

If you accidentally dismiss this, don’t worry. Just open up the tablet’s settings menu, click “About tablet,” and then choose the System updates option. First you’ll see a screen with an Android logo covered in gears, and a progress bar. The user interface and web browser performance also feels a bit faster after the update. People with Xoom tablets running on Verizon's network will start getting the updates this week, Motorola said.

Google introduced Android 3.1 and the movie rental service on Tuesday during its Google I/O conference. Android 3.1 adds a handful of new features including the ability to attach peripherals to the Xoom via USB. Users will get some user-interface improvements as well, including the ability to size widgets.Verizon Xoom users will also get the final release of Adobe Flash Player 10.2. Motorola worked closely with Google to introduce the Xoom, which was the first tablet running Android 3.0, also known as Honeycomb. 
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