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Android Phone Tips
The latest version of connection-tethering app PdaNet masks its tether from your phone service provider, just as major carriers move to block tethered connections that bypass their services and hide unapproved tethering apps from the Android marketplace when viewed over certain carriers' networks. 

Released on April 30, the major feature update in PdaNet 3.0 (download for Windows x86 | x64 | Mac | Android) is the tethering mask. In addition to supporting wired USB tethering, PdaNet 3.0 also includes support for Bluetooth DUN tethers, and offers an SMS agent from which you can receive and respond to text messages from the computer that's tethered to your phone. 

To run the tether mask or the SMS agent, right-click on the desktop system-tray icon and choose Settings. Then mouse over Hide Tether Usage, and select Level I. Reports have also started making the rounds suggesting that some phone carriers are blocking access to tethering apps in the Android Market — although you may still be able to download and install some of these apps from third party web sites.

Now the developer of PdaNet, a popular app that lets you tether mobile phones to computers, has released an updated Android app which may help you avoid paying extra fees. PdaNet 3.0 for Android includes a feature which the developer says will hide your tethering use from your wireless carrier. 

PdaNet is available as a free download from the Android Market. The folks behind PDANET have released version 3.0 of their application, and although they didn’t include a changelog on the Android market listing they did tweet what the update brought – the ability to hide your unauthorized tether usage from your carrier.
AT&T first warned iPhone users about their “illegal” actions and we feared they might catch on to Android users next. Version 3.0 brings a masking feature which supposedly blocks your carrier from seeing your usage.

They’ve gone as far as blocking their users from being able to see popular tether applications in the Android market such as EasyTether and PDANet. This doesn’t stop those users from installing the tether applications, though, as they can be had in places other than the Android market. 
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