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Android Phone Tips
A patch for Flash Player 10.3 has been announced by Adobe Systems. The patch corrects an actively exploited memory-corruption vulnerability and affects PCs and Android mobile devices. Adobe also warned of critical vulnerabilities in Adobe Reader X, and has just released optimized versions of its AIR runtime development tool for multiple systems.

Adobe Systems issued a security Relevant Products/Services bulletin Tuesday concerning the discovery of a critical vulnerability in Flash Player 10.3 and earlier versions. Adobe expects to release a Flash Player update later this week for computers running the Windows Relevant Products/Services, Mac, Linux and Solaris operating systems. 

Adobe's advisory was unusual in that it also covers smartphones, tablets and other mobile Relevant Products/Services devices running Google's Android OS. By contrast, mobile devices are more locked down and susceptible to different forms of malware, data Relevant Products/Services corruption, and theft, Hilwa noted. As Sprint's new deal with Lookout Mobile Security demonstrates, U.S. wireless Relevant Products/Services carriers are paying attention to the security issues that their mobile subscribers may face. 

However, Hilwa doesn't see Adobe's forthcoming critical patch for Android mobile devices having any effect on how the carriers and mobile-device makers perceive Flash. The Adobe folks are truly persistent in continuing to improve Flash and AIR for mobile platforms, Hilwa observed.  The new version brings security fixes to your smartphone so it is advised to manually update the application if it didn't self install on your smartphone. 

The security enhancements the update brings are detailed in the Adobe security bulletin if you want to go through them. If not, just update by following the source link of using your Market application. It seems like we are seeing updates for Adobe's FlashPlayer for Android on a near daily basis, as the company has pushed out yet another update today. Version fixes some security issues that were not addressed in the previous version ( It is nice to see that Adobe is quickly addressing possible security holes with these incremental updates. The update is available for all phones and tablets running Android 2.2, 2.3, 3.0, or 3.1.
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