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Though Mozilla's increasingly popular web browser just got a refresh in March with the release of Firefox 4, Mozilla developers have been hard at work and have already cranked out another beta release. Firefox 5, announced on Tuesday, is now available for desktop devices running Windows, Mac, Linux, as well as for Android handsets. 

"Firefox [is] the first browser to support Do Not Track on multiple platforms," Mozilla claimed in its blog post. Firefox 5 also lets the mobile user tweak her privacy settings directly from her mobile device. The new Firefox beta is also slightly faster than previous releases, according to Mozilla. 

Mozilla, running on an accelerated update schedule, released Firefox 5 on Tuesday. As might be expected, the updates to the new browser are limited, with no changes on the scale of what users saw between Firefox 3 and Firefox 4. Baking the privacy feature into Firefox for Android, the browser becomes the first to offer Do Not Track on multiple platforms. 

The update also has a slew of enhanced background features such as support for CSS animations. ZDNet’s Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols said that this update hasn’t earned the right to be called Firefox 5.0, and his speed and compatibility test results showed Mozilla’s latest falling behind Google’s Chrome browser in speed and performance. 

Users can opt out of online behavior tracking by directing the websites they visit. In Firefox 5, ‘Do Not Track’ is even easier to find in the Firefox Preferences section. Firefox 5 is faster than Chrome, Opera on the SunSpider JavaScript test. One of the best features in Firefox 5 is it supports CSS3 Animations. CSS3 animations allow web developer to animate HTML elements, allowing for rich web animated web content based on open standards. Firefox 5 definitely flaunts an improved software, though you might not notice huge changes in the user-interface. 
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