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Android Phone Tips
Orange is to continue the roll out of its SignalBoost service, the smart Wi-Fi application provided by Kineto Wireless. The application boosts 3G coverage by turning Wi-Fi access points in an extension of the mobile network. Kineto’s Smart Wi-Fi Application helps offload traffic from an operator’s macro cellular network. It also improves coverage for customers who can switch their smartphones over to use existing Wi-Fi access points when their cellular coverage is poor.

Paul Jevons, director of product marketing at Orange said: ‘Our Signal Boost service has been very successful in providing an in-home coverage solution of those customers who require it. In the meantime, Orange is working with Kineto and manufacturers of Android phones to widen its portfolio of Signal Boost-enabled handsets. BlackBerry devices are also available on Orange with Signal Boost. 

Orange has been providing the Signal Boost service for several years. Previously, customers sometimes lost some cellular services (including voice) when switching over to a Wi-Fi connection, but Signal Boost seamlessly provides an identical voice, SMS and data experience to an outdoor cellular network. Signal Boost allows customers to make free calls on any Wi-Fi access point, which provides the networks with a way to address the threat to their revenues from mobile VoIP calls. 

UMA technology supplier Kineto Wireless will continue working with Orange UK to help support its Signal Boost service on selected Android smartphones with Kineto's Smart Wi-Fi Application. Kineto Wireless has worked with Orange UK to make its Signal Boost service available on a range of Android handsets offered by Orange, to use ordinary Wi-Fi to enable enhance customers home and office coverage.

Orange has unveiled Android smartphones, using Kineto's Smart Wi-Fi Application, which includes the Desire S, the Wildfire S and Cha Cha from HTC; and the Optimus One and ME from LG Electronics. The Smart Wi-Fi Application is available through mobile service providers in Europe and North America. It is available on more than 25 commercial Android smartphones from suppliers like Samsung, HTC, Motorola and LG.
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