Android Phone Tips

Android Phone Tips
The java chain has just released the official Starbucks app for Android. The main point of the app is to link a credit card or Starbucks gift card to the device. The way the app works is, instead of actually charging your credit card for each purchase, you load funds into your Starbucks account ahead of time. Users can set their account to auto-replenish, meaning once your Starbucks account hits a certain level, it will deduct $10, $20, etc. from your credit card into your Starbucks account. 

The Starbucks app also includes a couple handy features for those who would rather pay with cash - such as a GPS-based "closest Starbucks" feature and the ability to check your Starbucks Rewards account status. Users can tether a gift card to a credit card for autoload or choose to reload funds to the gift card manually. Other little features include finding the closest Starbucks using the phone’s built-in GPS function and checking Starbucks Rewards points.

The Starbucks for Android app is available to download from the Android Market now for free. Starbucks is expanding support for the mobile payment app to its locations in 1,000 Safeway stores nationwide. Patrons can already pay with the app at 6,800 standalone U.S. Starbucks locations and over 1,000 Starbucks cafes inside Target stores.

An Android version of its Starbucks Reward Card app is finally available in the Android Market. Android users have been thirsting for the app for quite some time; in January, Starbucks went national with its mobile payment service, but only iOS and BlackBerry users could taste the flavor of "cardless Card payment."

For those who aren't familiar with Starbucks Reward Cards, they can be loaded via your credit card and used to pay at Starbucks outlets. When you want to pay, you simply have the app display your card's barcode. Additional features include balance checking, reloading your card (via your credit card, which you can also enter), Starbucks location information, check your "My Starbucks Rewards Program" progress, etc. etc. Also, reloading another person's cards requires you to use a browser, not the app.
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