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Android Phone Tips
Following close on the heels of Hanging WithFriends’ release last week, Zynga Mobile announces today that its CityVille Facebook franchise will make move onto mobile devices with CityVille Hometown. The game is a standalone iOS title with some light connectivity to the Facebook version. Players can also recruit real life friends as neighbors. Zynga says the bumber of neighbors a player can have is capped at 500.

CityVille Hometown uses Facebook Connect to find and organize a player’s friends list. If players already have a CityVille game going on Facebook, Zynga says there will be connections through messaging, certain items that can be earned across both games and special help requests mobile players can fulfill for Facebook players. 

Zynga is launching its second mobile game in two weeks, and today is debuting its mobile version of its hit game CityVille, ‘CityVille Hometown.’ While the strategy and mechanics of the game is similar to its Web cousin, CityVille Hometown focuses on building small towns and villages instead of building a booming metropolis. Justin Cinicolo, General Manager of Mobility for Zynga, explained to us that instead of creating cities, players will look to create a bustling town, invite friends and in-game characters to be neighbors, and build out their communities.

CityVille Hometown can also access their Facebook friends who play CityVille and can swap resources and energy and send and receive special limited edition virtual items as rewards. Whereas the web version of CityVille was Zynga’s most “social game yet,” the mobile version doesn’t appear to be quite as social.

As for what type of player the game will engage, Cinicolo says Zynga is aiming for CityVille hometown to appeal to a broad audience, both in terms of age and gender. Zynga continues to churn out hits when it comes to its Facebook games. FarmVille was a big hit, CityVille became even bigger and the gaming giant’s newest game Empires & Allies is projected to surpass the monthly usage of CityVille and FarmVille. 
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