Android Phone Tips

Android Phone Tips
Google + is still in its snooty, exclusive, I-will-call-you-don't-call-me phase, but let us remember that was Mark Zuckerberg's strategy initially as well. As yet uncluttered in comparison to FB, and only four silos (Home, Photos, Profile, Circles) to click on. The ‘Stream' is the equivalent of FB's scroll newsfeed, and there are similar options — to share, edit, host photos and videos, and delete them. Phew! Your grandpa will approve, it adds, but who is looking for Grandpa's approval rating on social media? 

What is utterly out of the box for social media is the ‘Circle' concept. Literally, you can create your own social spheres, including friends, acquaintances, colleagues and contacts in different circles that are more than faintly reminiscent of school-level Set Theory. A thumb tack aids you to transfer multiple persons on to the circles; and every circle you delete merrily jigs away out of the screen. It certainly will jazz Plus up. 
Mobile Google Plus is adapted finely for Apple's iOS and is functional on the Android platform (tried on HTC phones), but does not deign to work on the Symbian platform (tried on two of Nokia's E-series). Snooty again? Google’s domination of your life is also upsetting if you think of it. Ergo, for now, Google Plus remains, at best, a tantalising and yet, brief dalliance outside of marriage. 

Google + has two important features +circles and +sparks. Sparks is some what contradictory to +Circles. The new service brings 'real-world interactions' and 'real-life sharing' to the online world. Google Plus also lets users post photos, messages, comments and other content from selected groups of friends.

"Today, the connections between people increasingly happen online. "The problem is that today’s online services turn friendship into fast food-wrapping everyone in 'friend' paper-and sharing really suffers," Mr. Gundotra said. In contrast to Facebook, Google’s new service will also let users video chat with numerous friends simultaneously.

The Google Plus invitation is an e-mail with a header “invitation,” and inside, written are the words, “The Google+ project is currently working out all the kinks with a small group of testers. After clicking the red button, I’ve spent the next 6 hours of my life playing inside Google’s new social networking website. Like other testers, you’ll notice that the user interface of Google Plus looks a whole lot like Facebook, but better. 

I’m in love with Google Plus maybe because I can follow other tech bloggers and journalists and some Google employees. I invited a friend addicted to his Tumblr account. This friend is always online in Google+ after I invited him, and he even “hang outed” with me three times (Hangout is the video chatting feature of Google Plus). We also huddled after she installed Google Plus. (Huddle is the BBM-like Android app of Google Plus). Well, it’s really the main target according to my instinct after using Google Plus.
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