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Android Phone Tips
Developer Zepto Lab is offering Ad-supported free version of the award winning "Cut The Rope" game for Android platform exclusively through Get Jar App Store. Zepto Lab has announced the release of its popular "Cut The Rope" game for Google Android platform exclusive via Get Jar app store for free. 

"Cut The Rope" is one of the most popular and heavily addictive game on iOS platform just like the Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja and others. It is a game in which player has to use swipe gestures for cutting rope to make the candy fall into a toad like reptile's mouth. To get this game head to from your Android smartphone and download the App.

A free, ad-supported Android version of Cutthe Rope will be available exclusively from GetJar for one week; once the promotion concludes, ZeptoLab will distribute the app to rival stores including Google's own Android Market and's Appstore for Android. First released for Apple's iOS platform in October 2010, Cut the Rope navigates a candy-obsessed green monster through a series of rope puzzles and physical challenges. Nine days after launch, Cut the Rope surpassed the 9 million download milestone and topped the App Store's Paid Apps chart. 

GetJar supports over 3,000 device models spanning platforms including Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone and Symbian. Cut The Rope is a puzzle game where you aim to feed a piece of candy to a green monster named Omnom. Using your finger as a box cutter, you cut different ropes in order to collect stars and ultimately feed the candy to Omnom.

Like all good puzzle games, Cut The Rope takes a simple premise and expands upon it. Cut The Rope also uses Scoreloop for achievements and score leaderboards, satisfying your competitive side. The game plays extremely smoothly, but that can be assumed with a port of an A+ iOS title. I mean, even Panda's level select looks like a re-skinned version of Cut The Rope's menus. 

Ideally, though, you're going to be spending 15-20 minutes of time playing a game with relatively simple mechanics that can still remain "threatening", mechanics-wise. If you really wanted to, you could sit down and play a game of Tetris for hours; getting that invested in a game is the player's choice. You're not forced to commit to that "beat the score/time/stars" goal, and can still have fun. Games like Angry Birds and Cut The Rope, however, will tie you to a number of different goals: in these two titles, it's score, completion (levels and stars). 
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