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Android Phone Tips
The app is called Anti, short for Android NetworkToolkit. With Anti, a user can infiltrate Windows machines, devices running an unspecified older version of Android and yes, even iPhones. Anti will debut at the Android Market next week as a free app that can be upgraded for $10 (USD).

I’m sure you’re wondering why Google would approve such an app. The answer lies in zImperium’s trade – security.  Called Android Network Toolkit, or Anti for short, the app basically allows anyone using it to gain access to other devices such as Windows computers, Android phones and even iOS devices as well.

If you’re wondering how can such an app be legal, it’s because the company behind it, Zimperium, specializes in security and the app was designed to be used by companies or individuals who wanted to test out the security on their networks, machines and even software which could be outdated, thus causing security vulnerabilities.

In a note left in the app by Zimperium, “Please remember, with great power comes great responsibility. The AndroidNetwork Toolkit app could be a script-kiddies’ dream come true. The app, released by Zimperium, has functionality the includes the ability to spy on a machine, take remote screenshots, and eject the CD tray. Well, Zimperium is actually in the security business and the app is intended for use in sniffing out security holes. 
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