Android Phone Tips

Android Phone Tips
The Motorola Xoom will be upgraded to Android 3.2 in September. The Android tablet has already been upgraded to Android 3.1 since its launch and this update will be a welcome addition to owners of the device. Android 3.2 is a relatively minor update especially when you compare it to 3.1, which enabled microSD cards and Adobe Flash. The Motorola Xoom is a very good tablet with our review of the Xoom concluded that " tablet that packs plenty of power plus a clever and intuitive Android Honeycomb operating system".

The original Android Honeycomb tablet, the Motorola Xoom, is set to get another update in September, from Honeycomb 3.1 to 3.2.  Motorola has announced that the update will be released next month, in September. Android 3.2 is a relatively minor update, but will sort out some of the minor niggles that currently make using an Android tablet a less slick experience than iPad users enjoy. Other improvements in Android 3.2 are less significant, but are collectively what Android Honeycomb needs most - optimisations. So fingers crossed that'll mean Motorola Xoom owners will benefit too, rather than being left to fester as the attention moves onto the Motorola Xoom 2 or Google Nexus Tablet.

The second star feature of Android 3.2 is improved SD card support.
The tablet has recently been updated to Android 3.1 and version 3.2 will bring new features. Android 3.2 will allow users to load media files from a microSD card straight to applications. Motorola is a bit behind with its rollout, since rival Android tablet maker Asus has already brought out Android 3.2 for its popular Transformer tablet.
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