Android Phone Tips

Android Phone Tips
Android device users spend more time on their apps than on the mobile Web, and the top 10 apps account for 43 percent of that time, according to Nielsen. When the top 50 Android apps are considered, they account for 61 percent of the time Android device users spend on apps. 

"Time spent in an app usually equates to more ad dollars, and maybe the top 10 properties are generating more ad dollars than the long tail -- but the long tail generates a significant amount of money from in-app purchases," Simon Khalaf, CEO of Flurry Analytics, pointed out.

Mobile gaming revenues will exceed $16 billion in 2016 as in-app payments grow, ABI Research found. Android's billing system is clunky, and Android apps generate one-fifth to one-sixth of the revenue an iOS app does, Flurry Analytics found. Further, developers' customers often prefer iOS apps, and that takes away developer time from working on Android apps. "Every customer that approaches me asks for an iOS app first and an Android version later," Mercury Development's Greenman said. 

"Put good graphics work into your app icon and description," advised Robles. "The principal way people discover your app is through their eyes." Then, devs have to promote the app and boost its initial downloads. "We've discovered that promoting your app within other apps is the most effective way to convert downloads," Robles said. 

The interesting news is that the top 10 Androidapps account for 43 percent of the time spent on all mobile apps by Android users. And when you look at the top 50 apps, 61 percent of the time spent is on these apps. Mobilewalla found that the top 30 apps in Android Market had between 11,000 and 20,000 ratings compared to about 6,000 ratings for the top 30 apps in the Apple App Store. 
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