Android Phone Tips

Android Phone Tips
Along with Firefox 6 for PCs, today, Mozilla also released the mobile version, which I must say looks damn good. Firefox fans, this is the one you've been waiting for. I tested Firefox 6 for Android, quite unexpectedly, on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. The browser looks much better on the Tab. That's right, Mozilla optimized this release for tablets.

Firefox 6 for Android offers a fresh start experience, where users can set up sync and customize the browser (including add-ons). Mozilla makes it drop-dead easy to get add-ons, whether Android phone or tablet. The best Mozilla is permitted: Firefox Home, for syncing bookmarks and other stuff. With the single touch events API, developers can build Web experiences that detect touch events and gestures. 

Imagine mobile Web apps that enable users to swipe their finger to pan around a map and mobile Web games that let you swipe a finger to swing a baseball bat or pull a slingshot to launch an angry bird. The IndexedDB API gives developers local database storage in Firefox to make Web apps, websites and restartless add-ons available offline. This increases performance, reduces data usage and allows users to enjoy a mobile Web experience without an Internet connection. 

An update to Firefox for Android. Additional tablet optimisation and support is planned for future releases. The new welcome page helps users discover browser tools and features (like Firefox Sync, add-ons, tabbed browsing and bookmarks) that are conveniently stowed away in the side panels. Many users will notice faster zooming, crisp text and reduced pixelation due to enhanced image rendering in Firefox for Android.

Firefox for Android adds support for tools that help developers create rich, compelling mobile Web apps and websites. With the single touch events API, developers can build Web experiences that detect touch events and gestures. 

Web browser maker Mozilla released Firefox 6 for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android this week. Mozilla recently moved to a “rapid release” schedule for the Firefox web browser, which means that major version numbers don’t necessarily mean major changes. Firefox 6 for Android is available as a free download from the Android Market. 
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